Friedhelm Loh Group
Working Environment

We share our success and reward performance

Competitive, above-average payment is part of the corporate culture in the Friedhelm Loh Group. It consists of a fixed basic rate of pay plus variable wage and salary components. Target achievement bonuses are one of the ways that our staff directly participate in the company's success.

A complete package for each employee

A complete payment package for our staff includes additional benefits, such as attractive company pensions, holiday and Christmas payments, and contributions to employees' savings schemes. And giving suggestions for improvements as part of our ideas workshop leaves you with a chance to receive yet another bonus! Our company pension scheme is well-received in the Friedhelm Loh Group, and many employees participate. Our slogan is "Save for tomorrow, today", and each employee specifies every year how much they would like to contribute, so every person decides for themselves on the amounts they will receive on retirement.

More flexibility at work

The fact that we have staff across the globe and customer requirements for flexible working hours were among the reasons why the Friedhelm Loh Group introduced flexitime in 1974. This helps to ensure cooperation and communication with clients and other staff in Asia (morning time) and the North and South Americas (evening time).


  • Producing and processing customers' orders in a timely manner in line with company processes
  • Each person manages how they build up and reduce their accumulated working hours

We demonstrate responsibility for our staff and their commitment for the group in various ways:

  • Profit sharing schemes
  • Company retirement plans
  • Flexible working hours
  • Joint leisure activities