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Degree papers

Practical research with relevance for practice

As Goethe said, all theory is grey... So why don't you choose an exciting topic that is not just of interest in theory, but of practical value, too? Degree candidates and doctoral students will find the Friedhelm Loh Group to be an ideal platform for putting academic knowledge into practice.

Invest in your future

Participate in a variety of projects, show your commitment and skills, and make a difference! We offer the right professional environment and extensive, personal support.

What we expect from you

  • Preferably, you are studying (industrial) engineering, electro-engineering, mechanical engineering, or economics
  • Good to very good course achievements
  • Relevant work experience (for example, with Friedhelm Loh Group)
  • Flexibility and an independent, focused work approach
  • Enthusiasm and an open personality, team-player

Please make sure that you submit your application for your practical final paper in time, and allow for a processing period of four to six months.

This is your chance

You are close to graduating and are planning to write a practice-focused final paper? We support academic papers that are relevant to our group of companies. Surprise us! We're looking forward to receiving your online application.

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You didn't find any postings to match your skills? Then please send us your unsolicited application and suggest relevant topics.

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