Friedhelm Loh Group
Holiday job

Holiday job

Gain experience and earn money

We offer pupils, students and prospective students the chance to gain practical experience in the production facilities of our group of companies during the semester break.

Please note our current job postings in our job board,
or apply for holiday work proactively here.

Requirements for the holiday job:

  • At least 18 years old
  • At least 4 weeks duration


  • In which departments and at which locations is a holiday job possible?
    We offer holiday jobs mainly for our production facilities and high-bay warehouses - locations Rittershausen, Haiger and Hof.
  • In which periods of time is a holiday job offered?
    We mainly offer holiday jobs in the period Juli to October. Occasionally we offer holiday jobs in the period February to April. The minimum duration is 4 weeks.
  • How and when should I apply?
    We look forward to receiving your online application via a specific job posting or the unsolicited application channel. Applications should be submitted approximately 3 months before the desired entry date.
  • What documents do I have to provide?
    Depending on your educational stage - valid school certificate/university enrolment certificate/study certificate.

Your contact person:

Mrs. Stefanie Schmidt
+49 (0) 2773 924-3941