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Studying with fun, courage and a thirst for knowledge

26.07.2021. This summer, fifteen young men and women started a dual bachelor’s degree course combining study and practical work experience in the Friedhelm Loh Group (StudiumPlus). The bachelor students are beginning a seven-semester course at Rittal and Loh Services, focusing on mechanical engineering, information technology, and logistics management. A reception by senior executives and an eventful introductory week at the company locations in Herborn and Haiger ensured a successful start.

“We are delighted that we could win you over as professionals of the future. This is not only a great opportunity for you personally and for your professional and personal development, but also for us as a group of companies,” said Uwe Scharf, Rittal Managing Director, Business Units and Marketing, as he welcomed the junior employees. “It’s up to you how you approach work and what goals you have. I wish you do it with fun, courage and a thirst for knowledge.”

Theory, practice and internationality

StudiumPlus is based on an innovative cooperative-education programme. It consists of alternating study periods at the Technical University of Central Hesse and practical work in a company. As a result, the Friedhelm Loh Group offers its young professionals a wide range of perspectives and opportunities. This way, they can help develop innovative product solutions for industry and IT and projects aimed at the continued digital transformation of the companies. “This is not the start of the serious side of life, but rather the opportunity of a lifetime,“ promised Matthias Hecker, Rittal’s Head of Training. “Whether it's national or international – you have a broad stage. All you need is the the courage to enter it.”

Developing personalities

Interacting in a team, making contacts and learning about the different companies in the Friedhelm Loh Group are all equally important for orientation and everyday work. As a result, students began with a week-long introductory programme, focusing on team-building, product training and English language courses. “We are proud to be able to guide our youngest employees on their way,” added study coordinator Anke Wojtynowski-Scharf. “Besides acquiring specialist knowledge, it’s all about the development of personality.” This is the only way we can further each individual’s success.”

Several dozen apprentices and students join the Friedhelm Loh Group and lay the foundations for their professional futures. The group’s own training facility – the Loh Academy – supports training and ongoing skills development with a variety of courses. Currently, 230 junior staff are on 18 professional qualification and on 11 cooperative-education programmes. The focus is on the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, international perspectives and personal support within the framework of a comprehensive mentoring programme.

Corporate Communications

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Image 1: Uwe Scharf, Rittal’s Managing Director of the Industry and Marketing Business Units (left), and study coordinator Anke Wojtynowski-Scharf welcomed the new students at Rittal’s Herborn headquarters.

Image 2: Head of Training Matthias Hecker (third from right) and student representative Maria Kalaitzi (right) also wished the newcomers a successful start.

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