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Friedhelm Loh Group receives awards for employee development

  • The Friedhelm Loh Group has won “Top German Employer” award for the thirteenth time in a row.
  • It has also been judged one of “Germany’s best training companies” for the fifth time in a row.
  • This is based on viable solutions for training skilled workers in the context of Industry 4.0 and a wide range of offers for promoting young talent.

Opening up perspectives and creating spaces for development in digitisation: As the largest employer in the Central Hesse region, the Friedhelm Loh Group was able to impress the Top Employers Institute. This year, the renowned institute certified the group of companies as a “Top German Employer” for the thirteenth time in a row. “We are proud to have been recognised once again,” says Steffen Kuras, ” Head of HR Marketing and Recruiting at the Friedhelm Loh Group: “This seal of quality will motivate us not just to be satisfied with what we have achieved so far. We want to continue improving to create ideal conditions and perspectives for our employees in the digital future.”

Digitisation is also changing the way young professionals are trained. The Friedhelm Loh Group is investing in young talent with a long-term training concept. For this commitment, the group was voted one of “Germany’s best training companies” for the fifth time in a row by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research on behalf of ‘Focus Money’ and ‘Deutschland Test’. “That’s a great compliment,” says Matthias Hecker, Head of Training. “As the largest employer in the region, we aim to specifically promote the professional and personal development of all young professionals with a wide range of services and the best infrastructure. After all, good training is the basis for future success.”

Qualifications for the future

The family operates a “lifelong learning” policy in the effort to promote digital and industrial transformation among its employees. One example is the newly introduced Learning Management System, which helps employees to independently gain further qualifications at the workplace. “Globalisation and digitisation also call for new employee skills,” says Kerstin Sänger, Head of HR Processes and Recruiting. “The entire culture of work is changing, and we are adapting to it.”

The group has invested €1.3 million in a new training centre at its headquarters in Haiger. Thanks to the modern machine park, junior staff learn how to handle industrial and collaborative robots and independently produce small parts on a 3D printer. “Our training centre is a central component of digital learning in the whole group of companies,” Mr. Hecker emphasises.

A total of 230 junior staff are currently studying in the Friedhelm Loh Group in 18 apprenticeships and eleven courses of study on the “StudiumPlus” programme at the Central Hesse University of Applied Sciences (THM). The group’s own training facility – the Loh Academy – supports training and further development with a variety of qualification measures. The combination of theory and practice, international career prospects and personal support as part of a comprehensive mentoring programme form the focus of training and further education.

Corporate Communications

Telephone: +49(0) 2772 505 - 2527

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Image 1: Steffen Kuras, the Friedhelm Loh Group’s Head of HR Marketing and Recruiting, and his colleague Alexandra Nordmann, HR Marketing and Recruiting, were delighted with the Group again being recognised as one of Germany’s top employers.

Image 2: The Top Employers Institute has certified the Friedhelm Loh Group as one of Germany’s leading employer for the thirteenth time in a row.

Image 3: At its headquarters in Haiger, the Friedhelm Loh Group has invested €1.3 million in a new training centre to enable young professionals to work at the highest level both theoretically and practically.

Image 4: For its commitment to promoting young talent, the Friedhelm Loh Group has been judged one of “Germany’s best training companies” for the fifth time in a row in 2021.

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